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Our only condition is that you must tell us exactly how you want the products photographed. If we don’t do as you ask, we’ll happily reshoot or refund your money. Read below for more details.

Product Photography Example

Terms and conditions.

You must tell us how to photography the products. Simply, if you don’t tell us how to photograph it how will we know how to photograph it? Usually our clients will do one, or more, of three things to ensure we know how they want their products photographed:

  1. Provide detailed written instructions on how to photograph the products including camera position, angle, product rotation etc
  2. Provide examples (from existing images or from images found on other websites
  3. Take photographs on their mobiles showing the angle and postioning of the products.

If no directions or examples are provided by the client and we are told to complete the product photography, the client loses their right to a refund or free re-shoot. Sorry, but that is fair.

We run a client-free studio to allow us to quickly complete our product photography jobs. We used to allow clients in the studio but quickly found it slowed the process down considerably. And that’s a waste of your time, our time and makes a mockery out of our exceptional low prices. Please don’t take it to heart as we do love our clients, we just ask you to let us do what you’re paying us to do. So if you’re thinking you’d just be here to tell us how to shoot each product one-by-one, sorry, you’ll need to do the leg work first.

If we shoot the products the way you tell us then everyone is generally happy. Occasionally there might need to be a free reshoot done or a bit of retouching to make a small change - that’s fine. If you decide you want something different than your original directions. after we have photographed the products, then we will charge you for the new photographs.

If you don’t like an image we have the right to attempt to correct it twice before granting a refund.

Any issue with an image must be expressed in writing via email with clear directions on the issue.

The client cannot change their mind after approval of the images has been given and the high resolution versions have been provided for download.

Use of any image constitutes approval of the image.

If an image is used after a refund is given, it is a breach of copyright and we will hunt you down. In a legal way of course.

If any images are not approved and a re-shoot is requested it may not be possible to complete within the original designated time frame. All efforts will be made to supply the new image as quickly as possible.

Product photography, trusted by leading brands, for when quality matters.

How it works

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    Simply use our online quote request form, or call us on 07 3501 0500 and we’ll get a quote straight back to you.

  • Send Us Products Send us your products

    Once your happy to go ahead, send us your products. We are fully insured to cover any stock stored at our studio.

  • Product Photography We photograph them

    We work our magic following your directions on how you want the products photographed.

  • View Online Gallery View online gallery

    We will upload a gallery of all the images online within 7 business days (3 business days for express orders).

  • Download Images Download images

    If you’re happy with the photographs we will provide you a link to download all the large, final images.